Krebs Custom Mk VI Enhanced Safety for Stamped Rifles - CERAKOTE

Krebs Custom Mk VI Enhanced Safety for Stamped Rifles - CERAKOTE
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Precision stamped from 1mm 1050 steel and heat treated to 50C Rockwell, these are one-piece units and are 100% US made!  Designed to work in all "standard-pattern" stamped-receiver AK rifles.  (Will NOT fit Polish Tantal or Yugo rifles.)  AK rifles with machined receivers will want to order our part #AKM6M.

MK VI and MK VI-S Safeties:  Selecting the Proper Safety for Your Rifle
The simplest and easiest way to determine which safety is appropriate for your rifle is to LOOK AT THE SAFETY CURRENTLY ON YOUR RIFLE.  If the tension detent is at the TIP of your safety, you'll want to use the Mk VI-S Safety.  If the tension detent is a short way BACK from the tip, you'll want to use the "standard" Mk VI Safety.
We've expanded our line to include safeties for converted Saiga rifles (part # AKM6S), eliminating the "double friction line."
Per BATFE, safeties do not qualify as a "US part" for purposes of Section 922(r) compliance.
NOTE: Will NOT fit Yugoslavian-pattern rifles or pistols
             Installation of this safety in a VEPR 12 shotgun should be done by a qualified gunsmith. 

Available with a "NO BOLT HOLD OPTION". See seperate listing
NOTE:  These safeties will not work with CMC or Elfman "modular" trigger "packs".  These "packs" require a "full auto" safety for proper operation (see separate listing).
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