WBP 5.56/.223 Polish Mini Jack AK Pistol

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WBP Mini Jack AK Pistol is a semi auto AKM built in Poland by WBP Rogow, in 5.56/.223!

The Polish tradition for quality firearms manufacturing is expanding with the release of the WBP Lynx and Mini Jack Pistol series. These pistols are built with a blend of old school Kalashnikov build techniques and modern machinery to yield one of the finest AK's currently offered It all starts with a brand-new Polish nitride barrel, mil spec forged barrel trunnion, and a fully machined bolt & carrier. The Mini Jack was designed to be a high quality flexible base chassis offering the end client room to customize the firearm to meet their needs.

These pistols have been tested and work properly with a variety of 5.56/.223 AK Magazines to include WBP 5.56 and FB Radom 5.56 Magazines. This pistol also accepts both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammunition.

Barrel threaded at 14-1 LH,

Gun is Unmodified by Krebs Custom. 

5.56x45mm with one 30rd. magazine.

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